sábado, 20 de agosto de 2011

Ramen Time~ ^^

this friday was a good day, we finalized some subjects in school so we have free time for talk with the teacher :P he started to ask me about my ''style'' and me and a friend gave him a ''visual kei class'' everything was werid XD the teacher was writing all in his book (・ω・;A) he show too much interest!!

finally like we ended up as the subjects and we have to wait for the new ones, we decided that this Monday class we will go for pizza (o・ω・o)

i went to a friend's house she said that his husband would prepare some ramen (´艸`) 
 this was that ramen! looks delicious?? yes! if it wasbut it was too much ramen so I did not finish it (●´д`)o
this ramen make me  fell asleep so i slept at 9pm!! too early... and now is 6am too early >.> i think im going to sleep more in a few minutes :P because it is Saturday

i think im going to sleep some 4 hours because today im going to an anime con :3

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