martes, 28 de abril de 2015

2 Reviews in 1! : The good and the bad ♥

Review time yay!
This time i am going to start with the bad one :/ this is so sad for me because this was my favorite store online from all the time and the fail to me u.u'' i am talking about Rosewholesale...


Hora del review wii!
Esta vez comenzare con el malo :/ es algo triste para mi ya que esta era mi tienda favorita online todo el tiempo y ahora me fallaron u.u'' estoy hablando de Rosewholesale...


Ok let's begin :3

I made my order since oct/16/2014.
 All the time that i checked the order it was ''processing''
i got tired of that and i cancelled it and changed it for another stuff the oct/18 like it happend before the order still processing until oct/20 this time i tried to wait a little bit so until oct/29 ....
and guess what? ... yep... the order was ''processing'' i cancelled it once again and i tried to talk with the staff of the store and they replied 2 days later, they told me that the products that i ordered where out of stock so i needed to change my order...

I changed my order and i left everything like that. I always was checking the status of the products and it was in ''processing'' like at the beggining so i guessed ''ok they never are going to ship my products so im not going to insist''

one day just by curiosity i checked and they shipped my product the day march/04/15 and i was like ooh... ok o.O'' so it took 5 months to ship my products!


Ok empezemos:

Hize mi order desde oct/16/2014. 
Todo el tiempo checaba el estatus de mi order y siempre estaba ''procesando'' , me canse de eso y cancele la order para cambiarla por otros productos el dia 18 de oct y como paso antes la orden estubo procesando hasta el 20 de octubre esta vez intente esperar un poco mas hasta el 29 de octubre y adivinen que?... sip... la order seguia procesando asi que de nuevo cancele la orden y trate de ponerme en contacto con el staff de la tienda, me contestaron 2 dias despues y me dijeron que los productos que habia ordenado no estaban disponibles asi que una vez mas tenia que cambiar mi orden...

Cambie mi order y esta vez cambie mi orden y deje todo asi nada mas. Siempre que checaba el status de los productos estaban procesando la orden como al comienzo asi que pense ''ok nunca me enviaran los productos asi que no insistire mas''

Y un dia solo por curiosidad cheque y habian envidado mi orden el 4 de marzo de este año y mi reaccion fue solo de ooh... ok... o.O
Asi que les tomo 5 meses para enviar los productos!


They shipped the products on march/04/15 and they arrived april/27/15 like about 38 days i think...
 and the products arrived like this:


Enviarlos los productos el 4 de marzo y llegaron el 27 de abril fueron como unos 38 dias masomenos... y llegaron asi:

I ordered 2 short wigs a black one and a brown one (just because i wanted to know how i look with short hair) 

these where the pictures shown

$13.44                                                                          $12.73


Ordene 2 pelucas cortas una negra y una cafe (solo porque queria saber como me veia con cabello corto)

las fotos que tenian de muestra y los precios los pueden ver arriba. *estan en dolares*


I fell in love whit the brown wig ♥ it's just perfect for a Mako cosplay :p i think that maybe in a future i will use it for that!

And the black one  i like it but it does not suits on me :p the quality of the wigs in Rosewholesale is always amazing for the prices :3 they are made from Synthetic hair the material is so soft and they don't look fake! plus free shipping~ 


Me enamore de la peluca cafe!♥  es perfecta para un cosplay de Mako :p creo que en un futuro la usare para eso!

Y la negra... Me gusto pero no me va a mi :p la calidad de las pelucas en Rosewholesale siempre es sorprendente para los precios que maneja :3 Estan hechas de cabello sintetico el material es muy suave y no se ven brillosas ni falsas! mas el free shipping~

In a resume

Costumer service: 

Im so disappointed this time with the service on Rosewholesale :/


Now is time for Beautifulhalo maybe my new favorite store? :p

This time i ordered 2 a sweatshirt and a t-shirt ♥

$15.95                          $9.76

The order was made feb/26 and arrived april/28 about 43 days i think that it was ok.


Esta vez es el turno de Beautifulhalo, talvez mi nueva tienda favorita? :p

Ordene 1 sweater y una playera, la fecha de la orden fue este pasado 26 de feb y llego el 28 de abril aproximadamente 42 dias y en mi opinion pues el servicio estubo normal.


Speaking about the quality of the products was just... WOW
the material is so soft and the prints don look just attached! so they wont fall easily when you wash them!~

they don't look blurred you can appreciate the images very well ♥

Both came in one-size so i didn't have any problem with using them :p


Hablando de la calidad de los productos... simplemente WOW! el material es suave las imagenes no se ven pegadas simplemente asi que cuando las laves no se caera facilmente!~ asi mismo el impreso no se ve borroso!~ se puede apreciar con facilidad :3

Ambas vienen en one size asi que no tube problemas con eso (si soy gorda y aveces no me queda la ropa >.>)


In a resume:

Customer service:  

Im very satisfaced with this purchase :DD

More pictures ♥♥♥

(Wigs from Rosewholesale and clothing by Beautifulhalo)

This was a long entry but i hope and you enjoyed :D see ya!!~


Fue una entrada larga pero espero y haya sido de su agrado :D nos vemos!!~

martes, 14 de abril de 2015

Review from Choies ♥

Hi!! everyone this time i came with a new review and is from a cute store called Choies ;)

Choies is a online store located in china who specializes on women street fashion, the clothing style on the site is a little bit more into korean styles.

They contacted me for sponsor their site and i really liked some accesories so i give them a try

i ordered some sunglasses! 

Just $5.99 they ship in 24 hours and the best... FREE SHIPPING! YAY!~

the date of the order was  02/03/2015  and arrived 03/16/2015 i think :p

so about the time it was perf just a month! and from a store located on china! just wow~
 :D and they came on the mail like this:

perfectly packaged to avoid damage!!

I was really impressed because the sunglasses come with a cool case!

The Customer service was always direct and friendly so i did not have any questions or problems with my order ♥ and the best of all they shipped my package in 24 hours!

if you want to order them you can click here♥!

so in a few words i am really happy with my purchase!!

the sunglasses look exactly like in the picture, they feel hard so they don't would break so easy and the material don't look cheap!

(sorry for the crappy quality on the pictres u.u'')

In brief: 

Costumer service : 

So what do you think?