martes, 14 de abril de 2015

Review from Choies ♥

Hi!! everyone this time i came with a new review and is from a cute store called Choies ;)

Choies is a online store located in china who specializes on women street fashion, the clothing style on the site is a little bit more into korean styles.

They contacted me for sponsor their site and i really liked some accesories so i give them a try

i ordered some sunglasses! 

Just $5.99 they ship in 24 hours and the best... FREE SHIPPING! YAY!~

the date of the order was  02/03/2015  and arrived 03/16/2015 i think :p

so about the time it was perf just a month! and from a store located on china! just wow~
 :D and they came on the mail like this:

perfectly packaged to avoid damage!!

I was really impressed because the sunglasses come with a cool case!

The Customer service was always direct and friendly so i did not have any questions or problems with my order ♥ and the best of all they shipped my package in 24 hours!

if you want to order them you can click here♥!

so in a few words i am really happy with my purchase!!

the sunglasses look exactly like in the picture, they feel hard so they don't would break so easy and the material don't look cheap!

(sorry for the crappy quality on the pictres u.u'')

In brief: 

Costumer service : 

So what do you think?

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