viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2012


i had a very boring christmas day, i miss the old days when i was a child and i was always super excited for the presents and i spend the day playing with my cousins... but well... the best part this year was the food LOL my grandmother gived me a Kleancolor eyeshadow pack, and that was what i got for christmas X'DD

so nothing interesting... by now i am just waiting for my RINKAKU CD *A* i can't wait anymoreee!

lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012

entrada en espanol y con pocas fotos!

uff despues de tantos posts depresivos u.u'' ya regrese a contarles cosas pues un poco mejores que digo poco bastante XD

pero bueno comienzo contandoles que porfin hize mi cosplay y para los que ni tenian ni idea pues era de Mario :D la vdd me encanto y me la pase muy bien con mis amigos despues de la convencion me fui a una pijamada con ellos la pasamos jugando nintendo 64 y jenga la vdd nos dormimos muy temprano porque si nos cansamos mucho!! :P

el domingo fuimos al buffet de comida china y japonesa *A* tenia mucho que no iba alli! la vdd comi muchisisisimo!

llegando a casa jugamos mario party :p y de nuevo jenga (se nota que nos entretienen mucho?)
despues de un rato una de mis amigas se retiro a su casa y mi amigo se quedaria a dormir conmigo :3 pero llego mi hermana mayor y nos invito a pasarla en su casa ya que esta viviendo sola! llegamos y pues tenia xbox con kinekt internet calefaccion un sonido gigante y muchas cosas LA COMODIDAD!! pasamos la noche jugando kinekt me daba mucha risa que toma fotos mientras estas jugando sali horrible XD

antes de dormirnos vimos la pelicula de metropolis hace anios que no la veia!! al dia siguiente en la maniana vimos la pelicula de kamikaze girls! mi amigo no la habia visto! asi que pues ese era el momento!

la vdd me la pase muyy bn!
les dejo unas fotos de mi cosplay y de el vestuario lolita que utilizo mi amigo se veia espectacular!

esta foto me la tome hace rato porque las traigo todas en el celular :s y no encuentro el usb!!
(si me tube k volver a poner el cosplay XD )

mi hermoso amigoo abrham! usando el EGL <3

mas fotos proximamente :p

martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

busy day?

oh god i had a busy day! and it was my first one in months XD i feel so tired! i went to downtown with my sister and a friend to buy some fabric for my cosplay!
im really happy everything is taking form!

you can guess now?

i had 50% of my cosplay now!

25 days left for the convention!

viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012

Oishii Sushi Giveaway :D

hi! this time i was lucky and i won a giveaway~ on twitter! it was a month ago but i already know that the prize will take a long time to arrive because it was in the other side of the world!

i won this cute watermelon ring :D it is so cute!!

she was so nice with me! you can visit her etsy shop by visiting her site! she have a lot of cute things!

she is going to have another giveaway so don't forget to follow her on twitter!

this was my very first time by receiving something from that far away i was really excited :P :P

lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

weekend *A*

i had a very nice weekend i spend it at home with my friends watching movies and some YT videos :3
eating nutella and a lot of candy!!~
it was a rainy and cold day that means that the cold come to my city to stay! FINALLY! i really love cold days for stay in my bed under my sheets *3*~

i customized my nintendo i used the mario colors :3

and i made some mustaches for my sisters and me because in a month we are going to cosplay! guess what characters?! :DD

domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

Halloween 2012

I remember that the last halloween i used a peggy cosplay it was very bad D: i hope and i can make it better... someday~
but this year i was Hi-Na from SaTan~! in the Magic in your dream PV
i did my best!~ and well i liked it more than the peggy one xD

 Webcam picture~
what do you think?

martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

new me?

now my hair is black~ i think that im going to let my hair grow! and... im not going to dye it anymore~
what do you think?

in this one it look's like i have short hair :P

martes, 16 de octubre de 2012


4th Anniversary with my friends was very cute!, we had a great time, a friend we had not seen him for years attended!! and we were remembering many old times! 

 we do not take many pictures because most of the time we were talking!

but this was our cake!
it was... 

sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012

6:15 AM i didn't sleep yet...
i feel nervous...
i have a very important party with my friends... i don't know wich clothes use and i need to clean the house.... oh god wish me good luck!

sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

Dear tumblr... seriously!?


tumblr is down.... god this is going to be a long day XD

i'm feeling a little bit scared of the changes that they can make on the site... what if they leave a mess like on myspace and then nobody want's to use it anymore????

if something like that happens i already took a picture of my dashboard D': and i will always going to remember it like that (?)

yes tom hiddleston everywhere XDDD sorry this obsession is not going to stop ToT he ruined my life with his perfection! XD

viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

i miss my colorfull hair...

i was thinking... well OVER THINKING about a lot of things that i need to fix on my life but now i don't know how to begin...


I already said that I have an unhealthy obsession with Tom Hiddleston?

He ruined my life -dramatically runs to mourn-

martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012

i made....

a fb account! LIKE

Im going to upload some make up tutorials from magazines like Kera and Gothic lolita bible, and maybe upload some vlogs!

i been having some troubles with people who stalk me on my personal FB and now i made this one for people who want to know me or something like that :3

I at the beginning only used the site like the signature for another site that I manage too! but now im going to give other kind of uses! :D

domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

my eldest sis...

I was thinking all week about this, my elder sister had announced that she would leave the house, she is 27 years old and finished her university and is a very successful person in her life.. because of her age i knew that this phase of her life was near ... 
 she leaved the home a few moments ago... was a weird moment, I said goodbye to her as usual, but I knew that this would not be the same ... 
my parents and she could not contain, so they began to cry... The saddest part of all this is that I always wanted to spend more time with her, because she was already had her life, she was always in her school, work and with her boyfriend ... so she did not spend much time at home ... 

 i was at her room a few moments before and everything is empty... this make me think about me when i leave my home... is so strange but not unavoidable...

i'm going to miss her a lot~ 

 things start to become different...

viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012

new place *-*

a month ago I discovered a beautiful Cafe Restaurant near from my home, so i was making plans to visit with my friends ~ and today was the day~!! *-*

I love the concept of that place is so nice that we were to go again next week!
i took a drink called ''italian soda'' and a delicious brownie!

while waiting our orders we could play cards, dominoes among other games that they offered
i had a very nice time there~

of courtesy we had a delicious drink!

i don't know the name of this drink but it tasted like pineapple :D


finally i got my DK game!!! my dad bougth it for me! *-*

i had a veryyyyyyyy very nice time today~ at the end of this day my friend's and i spend the time talking outside of home the weather was perfect!~

and i was alone with someone special~
time went fast and we talked until 2 am i need more days like this one!

miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

im back~

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was without internet for a MONTH!!!!!!!!! it was like an eternity! D: but well i am finally back~

this last month it was the most boring... 
i spend all the time watching TV, cooking and cleaning the house D:
do not even had visits from my friends! so i don't have nothing interesting to tell until... TODAY! XD
remember that i was in a picture contest for a wig?

well.... I WON and my wig arrived today *-*

im going to make a videoreview about this Shop~ i love the wigs from here!

this is how it looks without the pony tails

and with the ponytails
i love it! is so big and soft *------*

and guess what....
my hair now is normal u.u 
i dye it now is a super normal and boring brown... 
does not look so bad, 'll let my hair grow healthy and without dyes

sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012


i won the contest! i had a lot of setbacks, I was about to be disqualified!! but i had a talk with the owner (i know her of a long time ago) and she just helped me! she was so nice!!!!
this is the one that i am going to get~

it's supposed that this one was the first one that i going to have but not i do not found it anywhere and buy blond with pink so this is the moment!!! *-* im going to have it finally~


today i went to an anime con~ i bougth some posters!!

They are my fav trans pornstars x3333

and my lil sis bougth me...
this cute Mameshiba Pamyu phone strap! i love it *-*

my friend Midori Looked amazing~ an her friends too so i took them a picture~
My friend is the non cosplayer XD the other girls are her friends they are so cute and nice i don't talk them too much because i am so shy :p

by now that is all... i feel so sick i caugth flu TOT i hate it! FLU ON SUMMER???????????? what is wrong with me??????... i am so tired i hope and tomorrow i can feel better~

-on my process i already took off a piercing i'm not going to take any pictures until my process will be done-

viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

yes... i want to be a lolita...

this decison is concrete *-* i love lolita style~ one i didn't do the fairy kei style so good at all... well i think that lolita is more hard and expensive but i will try my best~

i just remember how i felt the first time that i made my frist coord in public *-* it gives me more confidence in me <3 and the people was so nice with me!

well i need to start searching a new job >.< so im going to change how i look... im going to dye my hair i don't know when but is going to be a normal color, and maybe... the most hard part... remove some piercings i know that in lolita is not so bad at all whear piercings but if i want a job i need to do this~

today i made a entry to a contest, is for win a wig! the contest is about a new name for a wig shop so this was the one that i choosen
Fantasy Katsura Shop

if you want to help me to win just click on this link and like the picture on Facebook:

lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

Yokai fest

i went to a japanese festival with my friend's i needed to go out and the event was perfect~
i was using a Yukata that was made by my friend Abrham really thanks <3 i liked it too much~
in the event it rained a bit but that does not ruin anything, in fact it was a rain that almost did not feel that made perfectly cold weather~

i ate Sushi and a delicious Dango
it looks like mexican dango XD

me and some friends~ i liked this picture so much i don't look bad at all XD

these ligths looked so cute at nigth~ and we bougth some bengal ligths <3

i asked for a wish... my ligth was the one that was shut down to the last i hope and my wish come true~

sábado, 28 de julio de 2012


well this week was so sad... with the decease of my grandfather, my father was largely absent in the house ... he stayed at my grandmother's house to fix some papers of my grandfather, the few times that he stayed at home... he sometimes was on silent, or locked in his room crying~

 this is so hard... when we were accepting this big loss we had another 2... and these are really sad for me because at the funeral of my grandfather i wanted to be strong and not mourn, I did it, but with this recent losses i could no more keep my feelings ... and depression took me too~

im going to miss you a lot grandpa R.I.P he never liked how i dressed but i remember the times when i was 5/12 years old and i always were playing with you...

 you where with me 4 years Hideki gosh im going to miss you a lot too... everything remanids me my Hideki you were the best cat I ever had... the best of the world... i want you back my baby ...

and P-chan 
you were with me only a week, but that was enough to love a lot... 

martes, 17 de julio de 2012


i had a very hard grandfather passed away... this song is for him...

lunes, 9 de julio de 2012


this weekend was not what I expected but ... and nothing can be done about it :P 

 i went to an anime con~ the person who sings some dragon ball z themes in Spanish was there~ oww *-* I brought all the memories of my childhood! I can not believe that was 6 years old when I saw this anime!
his name is Adrian Barba... his voice still the same! my dad says that the voice don't change .-. but i been heard some people who sing different after a years~

i was planing to take a lot of pictures of some cosplayers... but i have to tell the truth... in my country there are only a few good cosplayers... my fav cosplayer from my country don't attend so i search for more and i found....

HERRRRRRR! *-* she is so pretty <3 her cosplay is so perfect! she was the best one from the con so this was the only picture that i took XD i love sakura card captors :'D

i ate some delicious Takoyaki yummy~

ooh and a girl from a shop that i like gave me a gif!
that cute decoden ring <3 i loved it *-*

at nigth i went to a birthday party of a friend but it was the MOST BORING PARTY EVER! hardly know anyone... but well i spend my time just with 3 friends and one of them gave me this~
yay another pony for my collection~ <3


a month ago i made this~
is at the top of my curtains!~ it looks nice! or not?

viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

Nutella cookies :D

I had already tried to make cookies but i had a bad experience... so... I do not gave up and today i tried again! >.<

this is the result!
delicious soft nutella cookies *-* im so happy!!

now im going to make a lot of cookies i feel like a pro XD

here you can find the recipe!