sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012


tumblr is down.... god this is going to be a long day XD

i'm feeling a little bit scared of the changes that they can make on the site... what if they leave a mess like on myspace and then nobody want's to use it anymore????

if something like that happens i already took a picture of my dashboard D': and i will always going to remember it like that (?)

yes tom hiddleston everywhere XDDD sorry this obsession is not going to stop ToT he ruined my life with his perfection! XD

3 comentarios:

  1. yaaaay I miss tumblr too and I'm afraid too of changes,old tumblr was great,my little universe ^^

  2. I was really afraid too :P buut I can't notice any changes :S :P No one except from the stupid ones, they made not so long ago, which it is on your screenshot :(

    1. yes i was scared for nothing! >.> they were trolling us XDD i don't see any change!!