domingo, 27 de julio de 2014

Review time sponsored by Rosewholesale!♥

Hi everyone!!~ im so happy because one of my orders from Rosewholesale is finally here! i ordered 3 items but it looks like they shipped them separate so this is review is for the first item!~♥

this is the display picture!~ a cute carriage necklace!

the order was made 06/30/2014 and arrived this 07/24/2014 ♥ and came like this

the necklace is for just $1.89dlls and free shipping!~ so i wasn't expecting much from the quality of the product but...
the quality is just sooooo good! the product looks exactly like in the picture!

every detail is very well maintained in the display picture you can see cute fake diamonds in the tires and in the door of the carriage ♥

it may seem a little bit heavy but it is not!~ and the quality of the chain is the best~ is so strong and resistant!♥

im very happy with this order! and so exicited wating for more items from them!
i can be more thankful for working with them!~♥

if you want to order this necklace click here!♥

miércoles, 16 de julio de 2014

Cute falling objects effect for your blog!❤

Hi everyone! today im going to tell you how to put a cute effect on your blog! like mine (the falling hearts)
you just have to go to this site Blog switch the site is in japanese but is so easy to use!

if you don't know how i leave a little explanation!

when you enter to the site there is going to be some cute effects but if you want one in specific you can go to the search bar and write something there, BUT first use the traslator to write on japanese!~

when you already selected one click on the title of the effect
like this:

already there the site is going to show you an example and how the effect is going to look and there is going to be a box with the code!

just copy the code and paste it on a gadget called HTML/Javascript and... DONE!

i hope and you like this ''mini tutorial'' and be useful for you! 

see ya~!