miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012


today i woke up early and I started to help my mother with household tasks everything was relaxing i stood a little at my backyard with my pets, the climate was more comfortable out!(゜д゜;)

my mom bougth me this shoes, well... slippers or sandals i do not know XDDD

they are very comfortable (●・ω・●)ノ

in the afternoon I prepare the food... i prepare... RAMEN :33333

my family always love my food but i am too lazy and i did not prepare food too often :P

martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

I still alive :P

I have been very lazy all week! D:
I have not been very animated and really do not know why but well im going to resume a little bit how i spend the last weekend :3

at first i get very sick u.u i got flu! so i spend 3 day's sleeping~ 

at valentines day i woke up and i was staring to feel better :D and i got a visit from a friend he is the owner of ''my fan club'' LOL he just came to my house to give me a gift yep that elmo's lollipop? well it was made with  marshmallows! *-* i do no want to eat it but finally... ate it XD it was delicious Thank you Dada <3

at saturday i had an familyar day :D it was really cool we went to a japanese buffet *-*

everything was delicious i want go again! DX and the rest of day we stayed at my grandmother's home she live's near from downtown so we went there :P

my mom bougth me this cute hello kitty shirt! well... im not sure how to call it it has a hat like the hoddies i love it :DD

and my mom bougth me too some materials for making a sweet loli dress <3

this last saturday i spend my day with my friends~ we had a very good time everything was relaxing and fun!!~

and finally this sunday i dyed my hair~

it was something I had not planned to do, but my sister gave me the hair dye so why not?

and that was all XD im not good making recap X'D

sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

in spanish!

primera vez creo que hago una entrada en espanol en mi blog X'D bueno esta entrada es para invitarlos a que vean el proyecto que estamos organizando por el momento 2 chicas y yo... les cuento... el proyecto se llama The Fujoshi Family! y consta de videoblogs, en los cuales trataremos temas como, Visual Kei, Harajuku, musica, fanservice... Kpop etc..!! esta es la primera vez que me uno a un proyecto de esta clase y creo que no soy buena hablandole a la camara pero pues espero ir mejorando con el tiempo! ^^

ese es el intro de el canal! ^^ y como mencione antes POR EL MOMENTO solo somos 3 chicas si alguien mas desea unirse pueden contactarme ^^ tambn buscenos en Facebook bajo el mismo nombre THE FUJOSHI FAMILY :D nos esforzaremos mucho para traerles temas interesantes a todos espero y les guste y les pasen la noticia a sus amigos!

y ese es mi video de presentacion DX muy malo por cierto no se mucho sobre edicion de videos y esas cosas asi que perdonenme u.u pero les prometo mejorar! SALUDOS!

martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Kyo get well soon...

You are the voice who sing the truth
you are the voice who sing our rain
you are our ligth in the dark...

Your voice will never die...
Kyo we belive in you...

jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012

15th Anniversary Dir en grey♥

15 Years for Dir en grey.♥ Thanks for being there as band for so long, you earn my full respect with this, thanks for this almost 7 years Iam a fan and listen to this kind of music. Thanks for the memories I had over the years. thanks for the best concert with the most impression at 2011.02.12 ♥ . thanks for being there with the music I managed my Up's and Down's with.. Best luck for the future, and for more wonderful times. Kyo, Toshiya, Kaoru, Die, Shinya...