martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

I still alive :P

I have been very lazy all week! D:
I have not been very animated and really do not know why but well im going to resume a little bit how i spend the last weekend :3

at first i get very sick u.u i got flu! so i spend 3 day's sleeping~ 

at valentines day i woke up and i was staring to feel better :D and i got a visit from a friend he is the owner of ''my fan club'' LOL he just came to my house to give me a gift yep that elmo's lollipop? well it was made with  marshmallows! *-* i do no want to eat it but finally... ate it XD it was delicious Thank you Dada <3

at saturday i had an familyar day :D it was really cool we went to a japanese buffet *-*

everything was delicious i want go again! DX and the rest of day we stayed at my grandmother's home she live's near from downtown so we went there :P

my mom bougth me this cute hello kitty shirt! well... im not sure how to call it it has a hat like the hoddies i love it :DD

and my mom bougth me too some materials for making a sweet loli dress <3

this last saturday i spend my day with my friends~ we had a very good time everything was relaxing and fun!!~

and finally this sunday i dyed my hair~

it was something I had not planned to do, but my sister gave me the hair dye so why not?

and that was all XD im not good making recap X'D

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