martes, 31 de enero de 2012


bnbkhjgkfhjk!!!!!!!!!!! D: i can not belive it... i went to a party and i was sooo bored! and i was thinking: it would be better if i stayed at home on tumblr! ME GUSTA~
I'm not sure what to do to not get bored so much ( ´艸`)

my parents bougth me a new cellphone! о(ж>▽<)y ☆ 

is not the most modern or the most beautiful but I love it! thank you to my parents (・∀・)

at first I was not convinced at all ... take some pictures and did not quite convince...the photos look somewhat pixelated on the screen of the phone Oo。。( ̄¬ ̄*) but I would not complain! it was more important for me the good intention of my parents to bougth it for me! since my previous cell if it was horrible!!

I resigned myself a bit, but i already upload a few pictures taken with the phone!!┌(⌒¬⌒*)

the quality is not the best! but I love how they look~ I swear that on my cell phone they look horrible and pixelated! ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌


viernes, 27 de enero de 2012

Quick update .-.

look my new dashboard~~ *-*

well... this update is just for support someone that i admire!...
Gaijin Gyaru Awards??!! yep and i totally support Kokoa!!! <3 she is my fav Mexican Gyaru!

this is the link! and vote for your favorite! and support Kokoa!! she is a really Really Good Gyaru! do not belive me??

KOKOA SPAM!!!!!!!!!
i love her nails!!

do not forget to support her!!!!!!

martes, 24 de enero de 2012


 jdfkhksdjsdjsdj my kyooo <3

 i bougth this cute necklace at the korean shop today~

today was just another bored day so i decided to make ... well... things XD
 i maked this bow's , i want one bow's like kyary ones i do not know where i can buy some so by now i made this ones... does not look like the kyary ones but.. well is the most similar that i can get now~

 i found this! DX the little book was a gif that i got from a friend in my last birth! and the pencil i bougth it before i left my city and they were on a backpack and i never use them >.>

 i made this another bow~
and this cute bear necklace was a birth gift too, it was orange but i decided to paint it~

during doing the crafts i burn my finger with the Caulking TOT it hurts~ well not too much now because my dad told me that i  had to put a little of mustard on my injury for take away the pain O.O and... yeah it works! O.O does not hurt too bad anymore~ but now i smell like mustard ewww i hate mustard >.>

domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

My Room~

i promised that i will show how my room look's so here i go! :P

The most important part of my room, here is where i spend most of the time~ 
My Dir en grey Wall (you can still watch the computer XD)
this is one of the reasons why i put my computer in here~ i watch diru all day! :P

VK wall! and part of my Frog's collection! 

My bed! (and the T-shirt that i was using at the Dir en grey Concert)

Zoom of my bed :P

i do not know why i didn't take a picture of my Kyo poster this time!!! >.> (1.60 actual size *-* ) i will post one picture on the next post! @_@

and that is all my room is so small just were few parts that did not show because they were not important X'D 


hi! ^^ everything is been so boring like always so I decided to do something different~

I remodeled my room a bit! i just paint it and change the furniture around, ha! and a change of shades too! *shades? im not sure of this but in spanish we say cortinas*
my room was Dark blue and Dark purple with stars, so i had to put 2 layers of paint and it took me 2 days to end all >.<

White was the first layer to cover the bright color, and finally paint my room lavender! ^ ^
I have not taken picture yet but I promise to post one!!

im so tired! '(-.-)'

jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

Sailor Moon ☆

lalala~~  everything still boring in here... i went to an anime con this last sunday and it was... BORING!!!!!!!! the place was empty (●・д・)o

that was my weekend D'X

Well... and I have not done anything interesting (@_@)
only i change my sleep habits this week now i sleep and wake up early... and i have to do all the household duties (?)

today i just watched sailor moon all day
i do not know why i still awake >.> (tumblrtumblrtumblr)

i want sleep...(=゜-゜)(=。_。)

viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

unicorn hoodie~

this last sunday my one friend added to my collection 2 new babys~ thank you so much i love unicorns *-*

and today... friday 13 O-O (creppy music) X'D
my mom bougth me this cute hoodie~!

... and that is all LOL

Things have been very quiet and boring these last days ... most of the time I am asleep, it is 6 o'clock, and I am very sleepy...
does not matter whether I sleep or not, I have no plans for today or tomorrow ... Maybe I should sleep.

This Saturday and Sunday in my city there is an anime con , I'll just go on Sunday and hope something interesting happens :D

domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

schizophrenia is back...

Me: Today should be a good day. i will see my friends...
The Voice: Today will be like every other day. A total disaster
Me: Wow, I look pretty today!
The Voice: Look at you. You're disgusting. Do you see all those imperfections? Why are you so ugly?!
Me: They're not ignoring me on purpose. I shouldn't take it personally.
The Voice: No one wants to see you. No one wants to talk to you. Who wants to hang around a freak?
Me: Maybe someone actually does care about me.
The Voice: No one cares about you. They're all pretending to like you. No one will ever love you. You don't deserve love.
Me: I will stop destroying my body.
The Voice: No, you won't. You're a slave to self-harm. You will be for the rest of your life.
Me: I have to start thinking more positive;
The Voice: Disgusting. Fat. Ugly. Worthless. Weird. Freak. Depression. Suicide. Blades. Blood. Death. Why are you still here? No one wants you hear. They'll be better off without you. No one will care if you're gone.
Me: When will I be truly happy? When will this depression end?
The Voice: Never. Better get comfortable. As long as I'm here, you'll stay in the darkness. Welcome to Hell, sweetie.

and now is just a screaming i wish that the screaming in my head would stop.
I can’t focus.
It’s getting worse.

I can’t even understand what they’re saying.
They’re all just screaming at me.
It wont calm down.

The fuck is wrong with me?

sábado, 7 de enero de 2012

jan 6 Dia de reyes?

jan 6 in Mexico we celebrate ''El dia de los reyes magos'', wich means  ''The day of the Kings magicians'' (or something like that LOL)is One of the most anticipated days for children, as in Spain and many Latin American countries, is like christmas in other places we make the delivery of gifts to children. (saying that the king magicians brought them), the tradition calls the visitors after the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, would come from foreign countries to pay homage and give symbolic gifts of great wealth: gold , frankincense and myrrh.

And this day we eat something called ''Rosca de reyes'' is a sweet bread who has a little a doll hidden inside, the one who get the doll have to make a party at february 2 and that day is called ''el dia de la candelaria'' and i do not know why XD...

well every single year when i ate the rosca i always find the doll (●・д・)o ... but this year we do not eat rosca (@_@)(@_@)(@_@) I wanted to eat because is a very wealthy and sweet bread! so we do not celebrate today ー(゜д゜;)

i was so bored and i did not sleep well, i started to watch some tutorials at youtube, but this time where some gyaru tutorials~!ヽ(●´▽`)ノ
I've recently become obsessed with Kokoa (in my opinion the best mexican gyaru!) so i wanted to try something similar~

i found a very good make up tutorial! and i attempt to do it...

and these are the results...

so what do you think?...

jueves, 5 de enero de 2012

Circle lenses~

my circle lenses arrived <3 and i love them~ i think that they make me loook different~ 

i have to take pictures but with some sun ligth >.<

i am using the halo grey circle lenses~ now i want more and moree i want the nudy grey and the candy brown >.< !!! i need a new work... and this year i am going to try to buy a wig and make my own handmade dress this is one of my new year purposes i hope and everything goes well~

and the next week i am going to start Exercising, im going to a GYM this year had the worst beginning for me but i have to make it better! >.>

today i watched Suicide club (finally) and it was a very very very very very................. Strange movie XD  i like gore but sometimes the blood looked orange X'D i liked it bu i did not understand nothing! the best part of the movie was.....

HIM ♥.♥ Geminis~ 

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

so that means...

that means that i did not won the giveaway...

i lost 300 followers for nothing... well that is my bad luck~

happy beginning of year for me ...

domingo, 1 de enero de 2012

happy new year~ and happy stress(゜д゜;)

Happy new year everyone!  i hope and everyone had a wonderful nigth! about me... well it was not a good nigth frist it supposed that some of my friends came to my house for the new year party, my parents leave the house just for me and i clean everything.. i was waiting for my ''friends'' and no one came.. thank YOU SO MUCH friends for leaving me alone at New year... so... this was my frist new year alone...

and i tryed to saw the good point of this! X'D so i spend all day at the computer reblogging the giveawayヽ(●゜ω゜)ノ  i was more excited about the giveaway than the new year countdown... and then...

nothing happend!!(●・д・)o

some people started to ask him/her who was the winner and he always replied the same... so i asked him/her too 

now i am stressed DX i want to know who win >.<

wants to kill me in suspense!(@_@)(@_@)(@_@)

X'D i look like a tomboy i have to stop trying to look like this XD

ooh i almost forgot!....

Finally i am going to get my CIRCLE LENSESSSSSSSSSSS *---*

This ones are the Geo Halo grey and they arrive in one week >.< i do not want to wait for this tooo DD: