martes, 24 de enero de 2012


 jdfkhksdjsdjsdj my kyooo <3

 i bougth this cute necklace at the korean shop today~

today was just another bored day so i decided to make ... well... things XD
 i maked this bow's , i want one bow's like kyary ones i do not know where i can buy some so by now i made this ones... does not look like the kyary ones but.. well is the most similar that i can get now~

 i found this! DX the little book was a gif that i got from a friend in my last birth! and the pencil i bougth it before i left my city and they were on a backpack and i never use them >.>

 i made this another bow~
and this cute bear necklace was a birth gift too, it was orange but i decided to paint it~

during doing the crafts i burn my finger with the Caulking TOT it hurts~ well not too much now because my dad told me that i  had to put a little of mustard on my injury for take away the pain O.O and... yeah it works! O.O does not hurt too bad anymore~ but now i smell like mustard ewww i hate mustard >.>

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