lunes, 30 de abril de 2012


god what happend with the blogger home design :s i hate when sites change! always the changes are worse... but well... XD

the things with my first lolita try look like they are getting better i still nervous but not like before (?)

i will be posting the things that i already have :DD a friend give me a bunny purse is so cute! and it's strange because it match perfect with a bunny ring that i bougth! and i already have a bunny hair accesory maybe it's the destiny XDD

in other things my computer is back! it was so sooooooooooo uncomfortable to use the laptop of my sis... these days i was drawing

long since did not try my skills in drawing what do you think?

these days I was also shopping at the flea market!~ I found this beautiful shirt!
just for 5 pesos!! <3

these 2 carebears!! <3 and the unicorn was a present from a friend!! *-* is not my birth yet but i already got so many presents thanks to all!

among other things ... maybe my wig arrives this week! I'm excited!!!

lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

why? This is worrying so much?

yes i still worried with my frist try on the lolita style...
some people told me that i do not have to take seriously sites like lolita secrets...
and it's true! I never cared what others say ... but now?? what is happening..?? GOD IS JUST CLOTHING!! why this make me feel nervous...

im going to try handmade... at my country now is 5.07am .... GODDDDDDDDDD WHY I AM MAKING TOO MUCH DRAMA ON THIS???

well in a few hours im going to buy some fabric... and start with this... i already asked for help with some latin lolitas, i hope and they can help me :3 i just need to calm down...

THE BIG DAY IS MAY 12 (it´s my birthday too :P) wish me good luck!

jueves, 19 de abril de 2012


maybe I’ll be on hiatus for a week, my computer is broken! something strange happened to the power button … and my sister crashed the laptop screen! so now I’m using my computer monitor connected to the laptop … the truth is somewhat uncomfortable …
and I hope and not be a whole week … I’m not sure how many time take to fix it … it also send the laptop for fix the screen…

not everything is bad at all... my birthday is coming and.... yay im going to have my frist wig!! my dad bougth it for me im so happy! (like a birthday present) i can not wait for it!!!!

martes, 10 de abril de 2012

happy late easter!

feel like sir~ 


well i had a wonderful time with my family i went to the movies, and we search for eggs at house~

i hope and everyone had a very good easter day like me >.<

i have not to much to say so bye bye~