sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012


i won the contest! i had a lot of setbacks, I was about to be disqualified!! but i had a talk with the owner (i know her of a long time ago) and she just helped me! she was so nice!!!!
this is the one that i am going to get~

it's supposed that this one was the first one that i going to have but not i do not found it anywhere and buy blond with pink so this is the moment!!! *-* im going to have it finally~


today i went to an anime con~ i bougth some posters!!

They are my fav trans pornstars x3333

and my lil sis bougth me...
this cute Mameshiba Pamyu phone strap! i love it *-*

my friend Midori Looked amazing~ an her friends too so i took them a picture~
My friend is the non cosplayer XD the other girls are her friends they are so cute and nice i don't talk them too much because i am so shy :p

by now that is all... i feel so sick i caugth flu TOT i hate it! FLU ON SUMMER???????????? what is wrong with me??????... i am so tired i hope and tomorrow i can feel better~

-on my process i already took off a piercing i'm not going to take any pictures until my process will be done-

viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

yes... i want to be a lolita...

this decison is concrete *-* i love lolita style~ one i didn't do the fairy kei style so good at all... well i think that lolita is more hard and expensive but i will try my best~

i just remember how i felt the first time that i made my frist coord in public *-* it gives me more confidence in me <3 and the people was so nice with me!

well i need to start searching a new job >.< so im going to change how i look... im going to dye my hair i don't know when but is going to be a normal color, and maybe... the most hard part... remove some piercings i know that in lolita is not so bad at all whear piercings but if i want a job i need to do this~

today i made a entry to a contest, is for win a wig! the contest is about a new name for a wig shop so this was the one that i choosen
Fantasy Katsura Shop

if you want to help me to win just click on this link and like the picture on Facebook: