domingo, 31 de julio de 2011


Discovering, neutral traits
between my self, my fantasy and my reality
torn by loneliness,
I speak, I tell you, you are wrong
tie me, chase me

my gray walls ...
speak different languages ​​...
I follow ...
are the souls of dreams ...
thoughts and delusions ...
I'm painting the sky with my blood ...

voices shouting and chasing me...

martes, 26 de julio de 2011

Thanks everyone!!

I won at the contest!
now i can wait until i go for my headphones! *3*

really really thanks to everyone who helped me with this!
these are the headphones that i won~
when i get them in my hands im going to take a lot of pictures with them :P

now i remember and i never won a contest beforee!! this is the frist time! yay!

viernes, 22 de julio de 2011


Frist you have to give a like to this place / primero tienes que dar like aqui​ges/Lollipop-Ya-Shop/11559​8945176533

and then... y luego....
help me to win some cool headphones just give like to this picture / ayudame a ganar unos audifonos geniales solo dando like a esta foto!​oto.php?fbid=1630571937640​41&set=a.162822387120855.3​8090.115598945176533&type=​1

i hope and you can help me, if not well there is not problem :3 im just asking for help! ♥

espero y puedan ayudarme si no pues nimodo :P alcabo que no es obligatorio y nada pasa~ solo pido su ayuda ^^

saludos a todos y desenme suerte!

greetings for everyone and wish me good luck! ♥ THE CONTEST END UNTIL 24 OF JULY/EL CONCURSO TERMINA ESTE 24 DE JULIO

Sinceramente gracias a los que se toman unos segundos de su tiempo por ayudarme ♥

miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011


well yesterday i went to a mall, is strange because i dont like too much go there...
but i went because i was going to meet someone :3

in my travel to the mall in the bus a guy after he leave he left me his number XD but well...
that is another story... :P

i meet a girl she look like a tomboy *3* she is so sweet~ yes i liked her but... i dont know... i been in love of a some guy... i have to forget him but i cant!

im going to take the things more... slow??? pfffffff

lunes, 18 de julio de 2011


i been forgot of the blog XD
well really no!
i just dont have nothing interesting to tell yet...
i still waiting for the diru concert <3

134 days!!!!

viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

i am soooo happy!

 finally im going to saw my favorite band LIVE!! LIVEEEEEEE i cant belive it i dont have too much words for this XD
i just wanted to hug the girl from the ticket store! when she gave me the ticket i wanted to scream!! i was sooooo happy! now i can wait until the special day the concert is until december but i already bougth my ticket because i was worried.... a lot of people was saying that they are going to go so i dont wanted to stay without a ticket TOT but now i have it !!! :3

i cant waitttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

Finally !(●´艸`)


bad day...

well u.u'' Today I discovered that the diru cd that i bougth [GAUZE]
was fake... a perfect copy from a company called ''MIYA RECORDS''
i already talked with the girl who sold it to me, she told me that, she did not know that they were fake she apologized and is going to give me my money back...
but im so sad... i was happy with my cd u.u''

beware of MIYA RECORDS is a Taiwanese company who sell unauthorized editions of Japanese popular music, Anime and Video Games. Miya Records material is high quality reproduction and sometimes the CD'S are exactly the same they are ''PERFECT COPIES'' These are sold mostly in Europe, America. check all ur cd's and if some of them have the MIYA RECORDS sign you've been cheated...

domingo, 3 de julio de 2011


everything sitll boring in here D: 

the next weekend im going to an anime con BUT
now i can buy anything(●・д・)o

im saving money for the dir en grey concert♪(●´ω`●)
im so happy!! yay the concert is until december but the exact date will be released this coming July 4th!!!

I have sold many of my anime things as stuffed animals, manga's, posters etc ... now I have dont have nothing more to sell >.> i need get a job!!!

Monday probably im going to look for a job! Wish me luck!♪