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lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

bad day...

well u.u'' Today I discovered that the diru cd that i bougth [GAUZE]
was fake... a perfect copy from a company called ''MIYA RECORDS''
i already talked with the girl who sold it to me, she told me that, she did not know that they were fake she apologized and is going to give me my money back...
but im so sad... i was happy with my cd u.u''

beware of MIYA RECORDS is a Taiwanese company who sell unauthorized editions of Japanese popular music, Anime and Video Games. Miya Records material is high quality reproduction and sometimes the CD'S are exactly the same they are ''PERFECT COPIES'' These are sold mostly in Europe, America. check all ur cd's and if some of them have the MIYA RECORDS sign you've been cheated...

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