sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012

~ Saturday with my family ~

yay i spend my Saturday with my family~ and well i already said that we were going to celebrate my mom's birth so we went to a Sea Food restaurant (at frist we went to a japanese buffet but it was closed!!!!! ToT)

shrimp with mushrooms! yummy~~ it was so delicious!~

and it was another shopping day :P now im so tired! DX

lately i been thinking too much about the government political and things we have a very bad situation in Juarez :s a japanese band wrote a song with an spanish chorus dedicated to my city! the band is called 2 Bullet i love it so much and it was like a surprise for me!
this song is so important for me it touched me in a special way...

and today i found this gentleman at downtown on Juarez the poster says: ''Ignorance is the cause of all injustice, the government did not fight! so it is our obligation!''
it look's like a signal *-*

at the end of the trip my mom bougth a lot of things for dying her hair... i did it XD i make her red ligths on her hair it really looks so cool! :P and she bougth a pink hair dye for me :3

when we arrived to home my lil sis said: OH! i forgot! i had to tell you and show you something! and i was... well ok... -.- and then.... tarararaaaaaan~~~~~~

OMGGGGGGGGGG TTOTT im so happy! she found my Majora's Mask game!~ *-* it was lost (she losted it >.>) im so happy now so that means that may be im going to be more offline now XDD

i was dying my hair and at the time that i had to wait i decided to bathe my cat!~ he was so scared :P
when i ended someone came to my home... it was a friend of mine!! she found me so messy! with hair dye in my head and my clothing was wet XD but well...
she gave me a surprise too!! ;u;

waaaaaaa~~~ it is so cute i love it thankks so much jessi!!~

and at the end of this day i had good new's my old job called me again for attend *-*
it was a very nice day by now im so tired... i want to sleep... but tumblr do not let me XDD

Friday work again? and... shopping?

yes!~ the owners of my old job called me just for cover some turns, the actually Mrs. who works there was so sick, so i attend! i had a lot of work but im so happy for that, it was something that needed...

were only a few hours but they paid me enough~  and i had a lot of work! new products arrived! so I had to unpack and put codes!

the last time i was working there, I could not spend my money very well ... I had to saveit for enjoy it later...

so this was the first time you enjoy my salary!! (in due time) i went to the Flea market! there you can find tresures :P and yay i found the things that i was searching~

Carebears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i was searching for pony's too but i just find one u.u

I am happy with my new purchases!

well... now already is saturday i have to sleep! DX im going to downtown again with my family just for celebrate my mom's Birth!!~ and there we can find a lot of things too wish me good luck~

martes, 27 de marzo de 2012

Spring Cleaning! wooahh~

im so tired... i spend all day cleaning my room i move all my furniture and my back hurts TwT
but well... 

talking about shopping... my mom found this cute short's at flea market!

i want to make a beautiful Fairy kei coord but i did not have a lot of clothes yet... 
so im going to wait!!

and at the evening my dad went to the flea market again and he found this
it costs just 5 pesos!! (like 5 cents!) i love it she is so cuteeeeeee...

and then i remember that i used to had a nosy bear... like this one
i was searching for it but i think that my mom throw it ToT
i found an old picture of me where he appears...


viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

-Thursday- Why sometimes i do not get online??

... before i spend all my time online... and now finally i got...
new controllers! so that means that i spend all time now playing XDDDD
well i have 1 week i think with my new controllers but i forgot to said it :P but this Thursday my dad bougth me...
yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!! mario pary 2! 
now i need in my life:

-Majoras mask (i already had it but my lil sis lost it ;w;)
-Donkey Kong 64
-Super Mario 64
-Dragon Fly
-Mortal Kombat trilogy
-Smash Bros

yes... they are a lot... andat my country the people keep selling them at exaggerated prices! this time my dad was lucky because he find the Mario party at the flea market for 50 pesos (5dlls) but in other places they sell them for 300 pesos!! (30dlls)...

in other things... my hair was losing color so i decided to give a retouch :3

oh you nintendo... i love you so much let´s get married XDDD

martes, 20 de marzo de 2012

another weekend resume :3

i had a wonderful weekend!!! i went to my best friend´s house because it was her birthday party! :3
i was so drunk that i was dancing! LOOOOL -boom shakalaka♪-  now i remember and i feel a little bit ashamed TwT but it was so fun :P

one special person was there and i spend a lot of time talking with him -until both fall asleep- it was magic (●・ω・●)ノ

my best friend gived me this cute lemur

at the next day we went to an anime con it was fun too :3 i bougth a DIR EN GREY PIN :P and one friend performed for me Tsukema Tsukeru with her dance group!

and other friend gived me this cute ponyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

i feel so happy... i have a lot of time feeling by this way... it´s strange because i do not know why :3 now i have more reasons to be happy... at the same time i feel a little bit scared because all this happiness can be turned on sadness TOT but i think that this time that will not happed...

i am more happy with myself... i am in love... and blah blah blah that love hurt me a lot in the past but by now i want it to be something better, I am resigned that i am not going to ear the ´´i love you´´ or ´´do you want to be my girlfriend´´ from him but i do not care anymoreeee :3 i need to be positive i love him and that is all 

martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

downtown weekend again!!!! XD

my family decided to go again to Downtown this past saturday this time was so fun too!

i took this picture at the car, we were searching for parking :P

at first we went to eat chinese food! because we had not eaten breakfast we were very hungry!

well... now i think that my city is fun and interesting! XD and i never seen my city by that way maybe because i had a great time with my family :3

i found this sailor moon socks just for 10 pesos! (around 1dollar)
and at another store we found some blouses at the same price.. it was a really really cheap! there was a great mountain of new shirts!! and i found some cute ones!! well i found a lkot of them! but some had not my size and these were for my sister´s but i bougth 2!

then went to the fabric store! I love this store I found such beautiful fabrics!

i never had this Shopholic feeling XD i was like a crazy! shoooping and shoooooping!! oww i think that is normal for every girl :P and is so fun :DD

and we went to a cosmetics store i bougth some eyelashes!

(when arrived  at home i read the pack of the lashes! O.O it says ´´100%  human hair´´ O.O)

yummy marshmallows!!!


at sunday i went again to downtown but this time with my best friend, we just went to buy hair dye! so im going to dye my hair... secret color!!!!!! :O

and today a friend from my mom give me hair dye too! different color :3 i think that im going to use both :P

that is all and thank you for reading!! :DDD

jueves, 8 de marzo de 2012

Food and thigs (●・ω・●)ノ ♪

H O T - C A K E S! ! ! yummy!

Cheese cake!!

strawberry´s with cream!!♥♥♥ i was reading an interesting gossip during eating it LOL reading gosssip and eating strawberry´s is the best XDDD

my sailor moon stuff the images are stickers but i do not know where i can use them D: ooh and talking about sailor moon yesterday was the 20´s sailor moon anniversary!! yay

i miss these old days i was... mmm 6 when Sailor Moon was streamed at my country :´3

and that was my day... eating eating and...sailor moon XDDD i need a social life really XD but it was an relaxing day :P

domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012

Family Weekend :3

i went to downtown with my family :3

it was supposed that we will buy some colthing for me but... i never find clothes that i like... is so hard to find clothes for me :s but well...

i found this!!!!!!!
 this one is a bedspread!

 and this blanket! with bedtime bear!!

zoom!!! i love it is so cute and it was only 75 pesosfor both! (around 7.5dlls)
when i asked to the employee of the store for it he looked at me too impressed and he said:
O---------O YOU WANT THEM FOR YOU??????
and i was like... yess!! :3
maybe i look too rude for carebear things XDD

and then we went to a seafood restaurant :3

eveything was delicious!!

 for dessert i got...

nom nom nom nom :3

my dad found this at the flea market...

yay!! it is a little bit sloppy but it works!! but i have a problem...
my nintendo controllers not work TTwTT so i have to buy ones!

viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

hate... too much hate...

u.u yes... i was searching some lolita tips and stuff since i want to try the style for a photoshoot -someone invited us to appear on kera magazine!- but then something appeard......


i was reading all the posts... and i started to feel afraid and sad... there are too much hate to fatty chan´s ... i  am fatty too and now i feel afraid of trying the style...


 they show hate too for girls who do not buy brand...
i wanted to make some handmade or buy a replica.... brand is so expensive... and i do not have money i do not have a job since 2 months ago... 
all the lolitas from that page are so mean... and of course they are anonymous... (?)
they feel better insulting others and they do not show their faces... maybe they are ita too DX

i never cared too much for the others opinion... but this is too much...

really girls... really...WHY TOO MUCH HATE???

they show too much attetion too the girls who they call ´´itas,fatty´s etc...´´  some of that girls post their pictures because they have self confidence... and you girls are destroying it... why? if you do not like how they look just ignore them... 

One subculture discriminating against another will not help us progress and stay together. In the end, we all look weird to those who conform to social norm. People will wear what they want and there is nothing you can do.

but suddenly think... if all of this girls are insulting to others... and im going to appear on kera... HOW THE JAPANESE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO INSULT ME?? DX

oh god i am afraid...
this is so me now...