martes, 20 de marzo de 2012

another weekend resume :3

i had a wonderful weekend!!! i went to my best friend´s house because it was her birthday party! :3
i was so drunk that i was dancing! LOOOOL -boom shakalaka♪-  now i remember and i feel a little bit ashamed TwT but it was so fun :P

one special person was there and i spend a lot of time talking with him -until both fall asleep- it was magic (●・ω・●)ノ

my best friend gived me this cute lemur

at the next day we went to an anime con it was fun too :3 i bougth a DIR EN GREY PIN :P and one friend performed for me Tsukema Tsukeru with her dance group!

and other friend gived me this cute ponyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

i feel so happy... i have a lot of time feeling by this way... it´s strange because i do not know why :3 now i have more reasons to be happy... at the same time i feel a little bit scared because all this happiness can be turned on sadness TOT but i think that this time that will not happed...

i am more happy with myself... i am in love... and blah blah blah that love hurt me a lot in the past but by now i want it to be something better, I am resigned that i am not going to ear the ´´i love you´´ or ´´do you want to be my girlfriend´´ from him but i do not care anymoreeee :3 i need to be positive i love him and that is all 

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