jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

More pictures :3

 this was the first pic with my loli dress :P 

 this one is my actual fb profile picture :P

 the punk loli and the sweet one <3

this one was taken by a friend XD i was checking my cellphone~

and i have moreeeeeee pictures but these ones... i can not show them yet :P by now just only this ones~

lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

Loli experience~

goddddddddddddd!!!!!!! to many feelings i had this last saturday i had a picnic with all my friends~ and this was my first full lolita try~ at the beginning i felt a little bit ashamed~ i was using a jacket because well... i am a ''fatty'' and when i use it a feel better :p

we went to a place called ''el chamizal'' at my country it's a big park full of trees~
i was feeling really nervous but when i remove my jacket i did not feel bad at all, i don't care if some people think that i look fat or things like that but this was the frist time that i felt really secure about me~ i really loved how lolita maked me feel this day <3

i took a lot of pictures! :OO

he is one of my best friends :P he is so tall! he had to bow for take this picture LOL

My fav picture of us!!!! <3 

it was a really really nice day *-------* at the end i was so tired :P
the strange people was so nice with us! they asked for pictures and they did not give us bad looks! it's weird because in my country they have a very close mind but this time was different! <3

Paparazzi Timeee!!!~

Paparazzi Timeee!!!~

Paparazzi Timeee!!!~


and the time of the truth... this is the first time that i post a full body picture.... CHAN CHAN CHAAAAAAAAN!~

                                                  There is not much to be impressed :P

Be impressed with THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shows me her UNDERWEAR! xDDDDD

more pictures with my friends :P
Yami and me :3

Midori and me :3

Moriko and me! <3
look that unicorn was a present from her~ :p is a ''late birthday gift''
i loved it :DD

still left too many pictures but at the moment i am just going to post this ones :D

AND.... this was my first experience with lolita <3

viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

Entrada en espanol :3

ahora que me teni el cabello aproveche para hacer un tutorial especialmente porque esta semana en fujoshi family ese era el tema! 

espero y les guste! pueden subscribirce sugerir temas hacer preguntas quejas etc etc... pasen el video a sus amigos y amm nose que mas! nadamas estoy haciendo promo necesitamos llegar a los 100 subscriptores almenos para asi poder hacer un tipo giveaway *concurso* lleno de cosas lindas :3 asi que animense y pasen el canal a sus amigos!

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

martes, 15 de mayo de 2012

Birthday presents :3

this post is dedicated to the presents that i got for my birth this last saturday~

i got this new cute care bear from my lil sister's <3 i really loved it *-* it moves his little head and sings~!

at this saturday i went to an animecon~ my eldest sister gived me money for present so i bougth things for me like a dir en grey poster and pins~

 i also get an spank and nile perch pin!~

i got a Velvet Eden poster too :P

i saw a friend at the con and she gave me this cute little pony stickers! <3

and~~~ my mom gave me a perfume *-* it smells so sweet~ it is called my destiny by arabela~ :D

at nigth nothing much happend i had something like a ''party'' at my house i invited a lot of friends but they did not came... well... this happens to me a LOT! :P

ooh i almost forgot :P i finally got my eyeball bows!!!~

they look nice!! :P

viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Mothers Day...

it is a hard situation... my mom had to work at mothers day so she can not spend it with the family.... i feel like... i need to reward this to my mother ... but unfortunately now I'm unemployed again ... I have such bad luck ... 

 well... in other things about the ''photo sesion'' that will be at my birthday's it was changed at may 20th >.< .... im a little bit upset... im having bad luck lately... i hope and everything gets better... my birthday is tomorrow... -sigh-

martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

Pastel Valentines ◕3◕

i just had to post it here! ∩( ・ω・)∩.... i appeard on pastel valentines!!!!!!!!!!!! i never expected it! i saw the site before and i followed it... then today searching on the fairy kei tag i saw my picture!
gooddddd!~ this make my day!♥ thanks to the cute person who send it im really happy
I feel so touched~ really thanks to all people who read me in here and follow me on tumblr it is so amazing that you can like a person without know them in real life and that makes this more special
and do not know how to thank you all! Thankss ;w; this is so sweet! 

maybe im going to make my own pastel valentines :3 

visit and leave your cute messages! http://pastelvalentines.tumblr.com/

domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

First wig o.O

yay! my wig arrived yesterday *-* im so happy! i never had a wig~ 
is so cute *-* i love it, my face is the one who ruins everything LOL

it has cute pony tails!

i feel like my head look's so BIGGER DX it is normal?? 

my dress it is almost done too i think that is going to be ready this  wednesday! yeah yeah.... it's handmade but i think that is not bad at all it does not look so strange the fabric is just pink without prints and a little bit of lace... well i hope and everything goes well!~

miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2012

More presents *-*

this is the first time that i got to many presents for my birthday! im so impressed about this! when i arrived from work i found this on my couch! *-* a BIG TIME bedtime bear! and a baby wish bear *-* <3 i love them they are so cute!! thank you so much jessi! my birth is until may 12 but who cares?? XDDD
 and this is the bunny bag that i mention before im going to make the handle of the bag bigger :3 i love it too!
is another present from my friend jazmin! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

is too important for me that someone take the time to think of me and give me something special that will make me happy, yes... they are material things but... they will eventually take sentimental value! THANKS A LOT!