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miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2012

More presents *-*

this is the first time that i got to many presents for my birthday! im so impressed about this! when i arrived from work i found this on my couch! *-* a BIG TIME bedtime bear! and a baby wish bear *-* <3 i love them they are so cute!! thank you so much jessi! my birth is until may 12 but who cares?? XDDD
 and this is the bunny bag that i mention before im going to make the handle of the bag bigger :3 i love it too!
is another present from my friend jazmin! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

is too important for me that someone take the time to think of me and give me something special that will make me happy, yes... they are material things but... they will eventually take sentimental value! THANKS A LOT!

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Magical Ice Cream dijo...

cute plushies

Hoshizora Palette dijo...

oooh! so cute presents *-* you have amazing friends :)

Alyuu dijo...

Care bears <3
Wish you had passed a wonderful birthday!^u^

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