lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

Loli experience~

goddddddddddddd!!!!!!! to many feelings i had this last saturday i had a picnic with all my friends~ and this was my first full lolita try~ at the beginning i felt a little bit ashamed~ i was using a jacket because well... i am a ''fatty'' and when i use it a feel better :p

we went to a place called ''el chamizal'' at my country it's a big park full of trees~
i was feeling really nervous but when i remove my jacket i did not feel bad at all, i don't care if some people think that i look fat or things like that but this was the frist time that i felt really secure about me~ i really loved how lolita maked me feel this day <3

i took a lot of pictures! :OO

he is one of my best friends :P he is so tall! he had to bow for take this picture LOL

My fav picture of us!!!! <3 

it was a really really nice day *-------* at the end i was so tired :P
the strange people was so nice with us! they asked for pictures and they did not give us bad looks! it's weird because in my country they have a very close mind but this time was different! <3

Paparazzi Timeee!!!~

Paparazzi Timeee!!!~

Paparazzi Timeee!!!~


and the time of the truth... this is the first time that i post a full body picture.... CHAN CHAN CHAAAAAAAAN!~

                                                  There is not much to be impressed :P

Be impressed with THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shows me her UNDERWEAR! xDDDDD

more pictures with my friends :P
Yami and me :3

Midori and me :3

Moriko and me! <3
look that unicorn was a present from her~ :p is a ''late birthday gift''
i loved it :DD

still left too many pictures but at the moment i am just going to post this ones :D

AND.... this was my first experience with lolita <3

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