lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

Yokai fest

i went to a japanese festival with my friend's i needed to go out and the event was perfect~
i was using a Yukata that was made by my friend Abrham really thanks <3 i liked it too much~
in the event it rained a bit but that does not ruin anything, in fact it was a rain that almost did not feel that made perfectly cold weather~

i ate Sushi and a delicious Dango
it looks like mexican dango XD

me and some friends~ i liked this picture so much i don't look bad at all XD

these ligths looked so cute at nigth~ and we bougth some bengal ligths <3

i asked for a wish... my ligth was the one that was shut down to the last i hope and my wish come true~

sábado, 28 de julio de 2012


well this week was so sad... with the decease of my grandfather, my father was largely absent in the house ... he stayed at my grandmother's house to fix some papers of my grandfather, the few times that he stayed at home... he sometimes was on silent, or locked in his room crying~

 this is so hard... when we were accepting this big loss we had another 2... and these are really sad for me because at the funeral of my grandfather i wanted to be strong and not mourn, I did it, but with this recent losses i could no more keep my feelings ... and depression took me too~

im going to miss you a lot grandpa R.I.P he never liked how i dressed but i remember the times when i was 5/12 years old and i always were playing with you...

 you where with me 4 years Hideki gosh im going to miss you a lot too... everything remanids me my Hideki you were the best cat I ever had... the best of the world... i want you back my baby ...

and P-chan 
you were with me only a week, but that was enough to love a lot... 

martes, 17 de julio de 2012


i had a very hard grandfather passed away... this song is for him...

lunes, 9 de julio de 2012


this weekend was not what I expected but ... and nothing can be done about it :P 

 i went to an anime con~ the person who sings some dragon ball z themes in Spanish was there~ oww *-* I brought all the memories of my childhood! I can not believe that was 6 years old when I saw this anime!
his name is Adrian Barba... his voice still the same! my dad says that the voice don't change .-. but i been heard some people who sing different after a years~

i was planing to take a lot of pictures of some cosplayers... but i have to tell the truth... in my country there are only a few good cosplayers... my fav cosplayer from my country don't attend so i search for more and i found....

HERRRRRRR! *-* she is so pretty <3 her cosplay is so perfect! she was the best one from the con so this was the only picture that i took XD i love sakura card captors :'D

i ate some delicious Takoyaki yummy~

ooh and a girl from a shop that i like gave me a gif!
that cute decoden ring <3 i loved it *-*

at nigth i went to a birthday party of a friend but it was the MOST BORING PARTY EVER! hardly know anyone... but well i spend my time just with 3 friends and one of them gave me this~
yay another pony for my collection~ <3


a month ago i made this~
is at the top of my curtains!~ it looks nice! or not?