lunes, 9 de julio de 2012


this weekend was not what I expected but ... and nothing can be done about it :P 

 i went to an anime con~ the person who sings some dragon ball z themes in Spanish was there~ oww *-* I brought all the memories of my childhood! I can not believe that was 6 years old when I saw this anime!
his name is Adrian Barba... his voice still the same! my dad says that the voice don't change .-. but i been heard some people who sing different after a years~

i was planing to take a lot of pictures of some cosplayers... but i have to tell the truth... in my country there are only a few good cosplayers... my fav cosplayer from my country don't attend so i search for more and i found....

HERRRRRRR! *-* she is so pretty <3 her cosplay is so perfect! she was the best one from the con so this was the only picture that i took XD i love sakura card captors :'D

i ate some delicious Takoyaki yummy~

ooh and a girl from a shop that i like gave me a gif!
that cute decoden ring <3 i loved it *-*

at nigth i went to a birthday party of a friend but it was the MOST BORING PARTY EVER! hardly know anyone... but well i spend my time just with 3 friends and one of them gave me this~
yay another pony for my collection~ <3


a month ago i made this~
is at the top of my curtains!~ it looks nice! or not?

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  1. Ah! That Sakura cosplay is so cute! <3

  2. I love this Sakura cosplay and adore ur spank title on the top of curtains ^___^