martes, 15 de mayo de 2012

Birthday presents :3

this post is dedicated to the presents that i got for my birth this last saturday~

i got this new cute care bear from my lil sister's <3 i really loved it *-* it moves his little head and sings~!

at this saturday i went to an animecon~ my eldest sister gived me money for present so i bougth things for me like a dir en grey poster and pins~

 i also get an spank and nile perch pin!~

i got a Velvet Eden poster too :P

i saw a friend at the con and she gave me this cute little pony stickers! <3

and~~~ my mom gave me a perfume *-* it smells so sweet~ it is called my destiny by arabela~ :D

at nigth nothing much happend i had something like a ''party'' at my house i invited a lot of friends but they did not came... well... this happens to me a LOT! :P

ooh i almost forgot :P i finally got my eyeball bows!!!~

they look nice!! :P

2 comentarios:

  1. woow what a wonderful presents,especially love ur eyeball bows and spank and nile perch pins :3

  2. Don't hide yourself! You are a very cute girl! ^^ I just love these care bears <3