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martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

Pastel Valentines ◕3◕

i just had to post it here! ∩( ・ω・)∩.... i appeard on pastel valentines!!!!!!!!!!!! i never expected it! i saw the site before and i followed it... then today searching on the fairy kei tag i saw my picture!
gooddddd!~ this make my day!♥ thanks to the cute person who send it im really happy
I feel so touched~ really thanks to all people who read me in here and follow me on tumblr it is so amazing that you can like a person without know them in real life and that makes this more special
and do not know how to thank you all! Thankss ;w; this is so sweet! 

maybe im going to make my own pastel valentines :3 

visit and leave your cute messages! http://pastelvalentines.tumblr.com/

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