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domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

First wig o.O

yay! my wig arrived yesterday *-* im so happy! i never had a wig~ 
is so cute *-* i love it, my face is the one who ruins everything LOL

it has cute pony tails!

i feel like my head look's so BIGGER DX it is normal?? 

my dress it is almost done too i think that is going to be ready this  wednesday! yeah yeah.... it's handmade but i think that is not bad at all it does not look so strange the fabric is just pink without prints and a little bit of lace... well i hope and everything goes well!~

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~ Magician ✖ of the Silversky ~ dijo...

owwwh this wig is pretty cute *-*
I really want to have one too but I couldn't spend the money for one yet xD ..

Magical Ice Cream dijo...

woow it is so sweet :)

Alyuu dijo...

You're so cute <3

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