lunes, 30 de abril de 2012


god what happend with the blogger home design :s i hate when sites change! always the changes are worse... but well... XD

the things with my first lolita try look like they are getting better i still nervous but not like before (?)

i will be posting the things that i already have :DD a friend give me a bunny purse is so cute! and it's strange because it match perfect with a bunny ring that i bougth! and i already have a bunny hair accesory maybe it's the destiny XDD

in other things my computer is back! it was so sooooooooooo uncomfortable to use the laptop of my sis... these days i was drawing

long since did not try my skills in drawing what do you think?

these days I was also shopping at the flea market!~ I found this beautiful shirt!
just for 5 pesos!! <3

these 2 carebears!! <3 and the unicorn was a present from a friend!! *-* is not my birth yet but i already got so many presents thanks to all!

among other things ... maybe my wig arrives this week! I'm excited!!!

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