viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

-Thursday- Why sometimes i do not get online??

... before i spend all my time online... and now finally i got...
new controllers! so that means that i spend all time now playing XDDDD
well i have 1 week i think with my new controllers but i forgot to said it :P but this Thursday my dad bougth me...
yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!! mario pary 2! 
now i need in my life:

-Majoras mask (i already had it but my lil sis lost it ;w;)
-Donkey Kong 64
-Super Mario 64
-Dragon Fly
-Mortal Kombat trilogy
-Smash Bros

yes... they are a lot... andat my country the people keep selling them at exaggerated prices! this time my dad was lucky because he find the Mario party at the flea market for 50 pesos (5dlls) but in other places they sell them for 300 pesos!! (30dlls)...

in other things... my hair was losing color so i decided to give a retouch :3

oh you nintendo... i love you so much let´s get married XDDD

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  1. It looks so fun! I do have a nintendo 64 but all my mario games got lost :(