martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

downtown weekend again!!!! XD

my family decided to go again to Downtown this past saturday this time was so fun too!

i took this picture at the car, we were searching for parking :P

at first we went to eat chinese food! because we had not eaten breakfast we were very hungry!

well... now i think that my city is fun and interesting! XD and i never seen my city by that way maybe because i had a great time with my family :3

i found this sailor moon socks just for 10 pesos! (around 1dollar)
and at another store we found some blouses at the same price.. it was a really really cheap! there was a great mountain of new shirts!! and i found some cute ones!! well i found a lkot of them! but some had not my size and these were for my sister´s but i bougth 2!

then went to the fabric store! I love this store I found such beautiful fabrics!

i never had this Shopholic feeling XD i was like a crazy! shoooping and shoooooping!! oww i think that is normal for every girl :P and is so fun :DD

and we went to a cosmetics store i bougth some eyelashes!

(when arrived  at home i read the pack of the lashes! O.O it says ´´100%  human hair´´ O.O)

yummy marshmallows!!!


at sunday i went again to downtown but this time with my best friend, we just went to buy hair dye! so im going to dye my hair... secret color!!!!!! :O

and today a friend from my mom give me hair dye too! different color :3 i think that im going to use both :P

that is all and thank you for reading!! :DDD

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