sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012

~ Saturday with my family ~

yay i spend my Saturday with my family~ and well i already said that we were going to celebrate my mom's birth so we went to a Sea Food restaurant (at frist we went to a japanese buffet but it was closed!!!!! ToT)

shrimp with mushrooms! yummy~~ it was so delicious!~

and it was another shopping day :P now im so tired! DX

lately i been thinking too much about the government political and things we have a very bad situation in Juarez :s a japanese band wrote a song with an spanish chorus dedicated to my city! the band is called 2 Bullet i love it so much and it was like a surprise for me!
this song is so important for me it touched me in a special way...

and today i found this gentleman at downtown on Juarez the poster says: ''Ignorance is the cause of all injustice, the government did not fight! so it is our obligation!''
it look's like a signal *-*

at the end of the trip my mom bougth a lot of things for dying her hair... i did it XD i make her red ligths on her hair it really looks so cool! :P and she bougth a pink hair dye for me :3

when we arrived to home my lil sis said: OH! i forgot! i had to tell you and show you something! and i was... well ok... -.- and then.... tarararaaaaaan~~~~~~

OMGGGGGGGGGG TTOTT im so happy! she found my Majora's Mask game!~ *-* it was lost (she losted it >.>) im so happy now so that means that may be im going to be more offline now XDD

i was dying my hair and at the time that i had to wait i decided to bathe my cat!~ he was so scared :P
when i ended someone came to my home... it was a friend of mine!! she found me so messy! with hair dye in my head and my clothing was wet XD but well...
she gave me a surprise too!! ;u;

waaaaaaa~~~ it is so cute i love it thankks so much jessi!!~

and at the end of this day i had good new's my old job called me again for attend *-*
it was a very nice day by now im so tired... i want to sleep... but tumblr do not let me XDD

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  1. How did you dye your hair?
    I love the mini-pony!!
    Your blog is really cute ^O^