sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012

Friday work again? and... shopping?

yes!~ the owners of my old job called me just for cover some turns, the actually Mrs. who works there was so sick, so i attend! i had a lot of work but im so happy for that, it was something that needed...

were only a few hours but they paid me enough~  and i had a lot of work! new products arrived! so I had to unpack and put codes!

the last time i was working there, I could not spend my money very well ... I had to saveit for enjoy it later...

so this was the first time you enjoy my salary!! (in due time) i went to the Flea market! there you can find tresures :P and yay i found the things that i was searching~

Carebears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i was searching for pony's too but i just find one u.u

I am happy with my new purchases!

well... now already is saturday i have to sleep! DX im going to downtown again with my family just for celebrate my mom's Birth!!~ and there we can find a lot of things too wish me good luck~

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  1. the care bears and the my little pony is so cute! :D I'm gonna work a lot this summer :D