domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012

Family Weekend :3

i went to downtown with my family :3

it was supposed that we will buy some colthing for me but... i never find clothes that i like... is so hard to find clothes for me :s but well...

i found this!!!!!!!
 this one is a bedspread!

 and this blanket! with bedtime bear!!

zoom!!! i love it is so cute and it was only 75 pesosfor both! (around 7.5dlls)
when i asked to the employee of the store for it he looked at me too impressed and he said:
O---------O YOU WANT THEM FOR YOU??????
and i was like... yess!! :3
maybe i look too rude for carebear things XDD

and then we went to a seafood restaurant :3

eveything was delicious!!

 for dessert i got...

nom nom nom nom :3

my dad found this at the flea market...

yay!! it is a little bit sloppy but it works!! but i have a problem...
my nintendo controllers not work TTwTT so i have to buy ones!

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