domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

My Room~

i promised that i will show how my room look's so here i go! :P

The most important part of my room, here is where i spend most of the time~ 
My Dir en grey Wall (you can still watch the computer XD)
this is one of the reasons why i put my computer in here~ i watch diru all day! :P

VK wall! and part of my Frog's collection! 

My bed! (and the T-shirt that i was using at the Dir en grey Concert)

Zoom of my bed :P

i do not know why i didn't take a picture of my Kyo poster this time!!! >.> (1.60 actual size *-* ) i will post one picture on the next post! @_@

and that is all my room is so small just were few parts that did not show because they were not important X'D 

2 comentarios:

  1. Oi so many plushies :D
    I have some some sooooome many in my bed too :D

  2. Owwwwh now I'm a bit jealouse XD You really managed it to get this huge poster of Dir en grey in their Cafe outfits!!! I LOVE THIS OUTFITS!!
    Really nice *w*