jueves, 5 de enero de 2012

Circle lenses~

my circle lenses arrived <3 and i love them~ i think that they make me loook different~ 

i have to take pictures but with some sun ligth >.<

i am using the halo grey circle lenses~ now i want more and moree i want the nudy grey and the candy brown >.< !!! i need a new work... and this year i am going to try to buy a wig and make my own handmade dress this is one of my new year purposes i hope and everything goes well~

and the next week i am going to start Exercising, im going to a GYM this year had the worst beginning for me but i have to make it better! >.>

today i watched Suicide club (finally) and it was a very very very very very................. Strange movie XD  i like gore but sometimes the blood looked orange X'D i liked it bu i did not understand nothing! the best part of the movie was.....

HIM ♥.♥ Geminis~ 

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