sábado, 5 de julio de 2014

i am alive x'3

hii everyone!
i still alive, this last days i have been a little busy, i am taking care of a doggie that i rescue from the streets he is so sick so i give him meds and serum the vet told me that he is dehydrated and has parasites u.u'' It was very thin and weak but im so happy that he is getting better and in a few days im going to take him again to the vet and and put him up for adoption!!~

his name is bucky here is a picture:

i have another 5 babies waiting for an adoption so wish them good luck!~

In other stuff, this last days eventhough i was sick were so good for me, another 2 stores contacted with me for sponsor their sites! so keep in touch for more reviews~ :3

ooh and i almost forgot! did you guys watched Sailor Moon Crystal?
for me was amazing i really loved it i was so excited about it! 
if you want to watch it CLICK HERE!
they have subs in english, spanish and portuguese
There are not many differences from the original story!

i leave here some screen shots that i took :p

 Mamoru looks more handsome *A*

What do you think about the frist chapter?

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