miércoles, 5 de septiembre de 2012

im back~

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was without internet for a MONTH!!!!!!!!! it was like an eternity! D: but well i am finally back~

this last month it was the most boring... 
i spend all the time watching TV, cooking and cleaning the house D:
do not even had visits from my friends! so i don't have nothing interesting to tell until... TODAY! XD
remember that i was in a picture contest for a wig?

well.... I WON and my wig arrived today *-*

im going to make a videoreview about this Shop~ i love the wigs from here!

this is how it looks without the pony tails

and with the ponytails
i love it! is so big and soft *------*

and guess what....
my hair now is normal u.u 
i dye it now is a super normal and boring brown... 
does not look so bad, 'll let my hair grow healthy and without dyes

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