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viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012

new place *-*

a month ago I discovered a beautiful Cafe Restaurant near from my home, so i was making plans to visit with my friends ~ and today was the day~!! *-*

I love the concept of that place is so nice that we were to go again next week!
i took a drink called ''italian soda'' and a delicious brownie!

while waiting our orders we could play cards, dominoes among other games that they offered
i had a very nice time there~

of courtesy we had a delicious drink!

i don't know the name of this drink but it tasted like pineapple :D


finally i got my DK game!!! my dad bougth it for me! *-*

i had a veryyyyyyyy very nice time today~ at the end of this day my friend's and i spend the time talking outside of home the weather was perfect!~

and i was alone with someone special~
time went fast and we talked until 2 am i need more days like this one!

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