sábado, 25 de junio de 2011


today i went to an anime con~
i saw all my friends yay!! (●´ω`●)

the anime con dont was the most fun of all
but there are some little details that i loved of this day~

this one is so big!!!! *3* 
i bougth some diru posters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG~☆☆ i was so happy in the con talking like a obsessive FANσ('▽`●)へ 
and then someone touch my back....was the guy that i like!(°□°;) and he watched me acting like totally retarded!!!!!!!!!! he never talk to me too much but this time ♥he make my day♥ he talked with me a LOT! when we were going to say goodbye he was going to give me a kiss on the cheek and then... my friend stood between us!!! was an awkward moment xD

sometimes the small details are the best for having a happy day! ^^

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