lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Dir en grey~ Dir en grey!!♪★

It is long since i write here, right?

well... things have been boring, and many problems as usual~
but there is more to worry about! ~only 3 days for Dir En Grey concert~
in a few hours today I am going to buy travel tickets to mexico city, im going by bus so this trip is going to be sooo long between 24 and 26 hours D':
I leave this Wednesday in the morning ^^

I'm excited and nervous, finally i am going to meet my favorite band!! There are many feelings I can not explain! >.<

I have to do everything possible to be in the front row, and I have fear of visiting the city ... i do not know about absolutely NOTHING about mexico city... I'M GOING BE LOST! TTOTT

Wish me good luck ...

I hope and to continue to have some contact with all of you ... perhaps my readers through facebook!

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