lunes, 13 de octubre de 2014

A new review sponsored by Rosewholesale ♥

Sorry for the lack of posts! i was waiting for my package from Rosewholesale, but this time it took a LONG LONG LOOOONG time to arrive, i was so worried because sometimes the packages get lost on the mail ;3;!

But waiting all this time was worth!~ im so happy, with my purchases, this store never stops to amaze me!♥ so let's begin!

I ordered 2 t-shirts and a wig and the package arrived like this:

here the picture of the products:

Im very impressed by the quality of the clothing, i already saw so many bad reviews about that but i wanted to see it by my own!!

The shirt does not look like in the picture... IT LOOKS BETTER! the material is soft and so cute!! ♥

if you want to chek the product info just click here♥

(This is my sis modeling the wig and the t-shirt)

Want the link for the wig? Click here♥

and I left in the end my favorite one ♥ the black t-shirt!!

The material is too soft, is a loose t-shirt so is very comfy!! and in the description does not say it BUT it has pockets!!!!!!!♥♥♥

I am a plus sized girl so i don't like full body pictures but this t-shirt make me feel veru comfortable i am really in love with it! 
More details Click here♥

Both are really happy now, i don't want to pull of my clothing (neither my sis) just we changed wigs LOL!~

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