jueves, 5 de febrero de 2015

Review sponsored by Beautifulhalo ♥

Hi everyone!! finally a new review! this time for the cool store BeautifulHalo ♥

I was so excited to recive the item! but it took a long time but finally here is it! so lets begin~

I ordered ''Religious Skull Print Round Neck Long Sleeve Sweatshirt'' on XL

unfortunately the sweater is out of stock rigth now, and I can't remember the specifications of the product but here is my experience!

The package arrived like this

The sweater looks exactly like in the picture ♥ I am not sure of what kind of material is made but the fabric is so soft!!~~ better than i expected.

I ordered in XL but is not so big at all, i am a plus sized and it fits me exactly the measure if you are more bigger than me i don't recommend to order XL sweaters on the site because they came on asian sizes and these are so small, loose shirts or one size are better.

eventhough it I feel very satisfaced with the product! the quality is great for his price ($19.59)

The time of shipping was too long :s i ordered the sweater on December 22 and arrived today 05 of february counting the days was almost 30/31 days (a month) 
but it is understandable because there were busy dates~~ (holidays) and the store is located on China :O

I had contact all time with the store so they always answer my questions politely!♥

in a little resume:

Costumer service   ★ 
Shipping:   ★ ☆ 

I am satisfied with my purchase, and I definitely would return to work with them♥

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