miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011


Empty memories in my mind
take shape in the darkseeing soulsare consumed once again.The light of a new day beginsand I can not cope,when you find the real reason,maybe then find my wayperhaps finds it this day,I could never exist.They break. hearts again alive.It all ends with the dayeverything starts to tremble againwith darkness.There are moments that disturb. your futureand now ... know the future does not helpit does not change the color of lifethus avoiding not let die..Do not know and sufferyou better watch die. twice?Strange desire fulfilled.A black and sick mindthe new day begins.Not know the day that is true,only a black rainerase memories marked by a beautiful pain ....Goodbye will be the best memory?

-This is an old poem that i wrote in my old blog (27-04-2011)

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