miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

well where i begin??

this thay was so stressful...(・ω・;A)
I started cleaning my room ... remember the fashion show that i talked before? well that was one of the reasons everyone would come to my house I prepare them all for the show, doing make up, hairstyle ETC!! Finally I decided to not participate in the show as it is more important to me that they look good and I am the leader of the group, and the truth I am nothing physically beautiful to participate~ゎゎゎゎ(゜д゜;)ゎゎゎ

some of them were late to my house so i try to log into facebook but... they disable my account for no reason!!! stress started there I get angry, and not even beginning to make up on boys...

I had to make up one person that I love and it was too difficult~ I was nervous but I have to be professional...(●・д・)o

and then called me from work to attend! but I told them before that this day could not attend!!!!!!!!!! (@_@)(@_@)(@_@)(@_@)(@_@)

at the fashion show some guys came late >.< but at the end everything went normal...ヽ(●゜ω゜)ノ

                                                                          LOL!  x'DD

you look great guys I'm proud of you~ this was our first event of this kind after the group was founded 3 years ago (●・ω・●)

The guys and me~! I feel like these fashion designers that always look horrible but their models are great X'D

for my stupidity I could not enjoy the event at all, i was thinking about things because there was HIM ... and thinking about the end that is very close for me ...

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