viernes, 8 de junio de 2012

cutie Link

well remember the doggie? he still with me :D let me tell what happend with him in this last days... i was trying to get support to go to the vet, and then... someone appeard :D a girl who does not know me decided to help!! she was like an angel! she paid for the vet!! Unfortunately the damage to the dog's leg was a lot and had to proceed with the amputation u.u

is very sad to see him without his leg, but he is a strong and happy dog! he can walk very well! and he does not look sad! i already love him so much <3 but it's hard for me that i can keep him u.u

by now someone told me that they want to adopt him! i hope and they can keep making him happy!I will miss him very much, I was crying few moments ago ... i love him but the new family lives near from me and they said that they will send me pictures and i can go to see him~ his family will take him to home this monday u.u i don't want him to leave...

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