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sábado, 16 de junio de 2012

roses are... PINK??? x3

hey guys! well i just want to tell everyone... remember the last doggie?? she found a new home!! yay and is near from my house so i can visite her too like with link (now leo) ooh and the new mommy of leo send me a picture of him!

he look's so happy ;w;

and guess what?? x3

i rescue another dog 
her name is lola, is a very shy dog, but too beautiful! and now my mission is found a home for her too :DD

among other things my sister went today to the stylist to fix her hair and I take this opportunity to get some beautiful nails
do you like them?

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Baniragurō ♥ dijo...

I love this nails! ♥

Danielle Carter dijo...

Lovely nails! ♥ I hope you can find Lola a home ♥

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