sábado, 14 de junio de 2014

Long timeee!~

Well, well where i should begin? 

firstly why i am writing in english in my blog again? x'3 ok ok
i need to improve more my english lately i don't use it and i know that in a future is going to
be so important in my life that i don't want to forget it~ sometimes i write short stuff on tumblr but
that is not enough!

this blog was abandoned since since October last year! and a lot of things happend in my life since that, like i lost my job at november :/ that is one of the worst things because i still searching for a job u.u''

but the best part is that i have been dating with a guy since october too and guess what??
we are engaged since January @(*^ェ^)@入@(・ェ・o)@ノ

our frist pictures together (✿ ♥‿♥)

i miss my colorful hair u.u'' since i don't have a job 
i stopped dying my hair and i removed all my pierings u.u'' because in my country is hard to find a job looking like that... so now i look like a normal person D':

well just sometimes because i still in the lolita community and this year finally i finished my coord (wish i was plainning since the last loliday)
so this loliday was soo nice for me :3

some pictures

 so proud of my lil sis she finally bougth her frist jsk ;3;~

and a looot of more things had happen lately but these are the most important to me so yeah :p

im going to still posting personal stuff in here and sometimes cute icons and gifs that i collected in a lot of time and maybe could help to make people's blogs look cute :P (stuff like dividers, favicons, gifs, png images and more) 

so keep in touch with my blog~

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