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Review sponsored by Rose Wholesale❤

A few months ago on tumblr i was contacted by a site called ''Rosewholesale'' and they asked me if i was interested in sponsor their products! i was so excited because this is the first time that a site ask me for that so i said why not?

i posted 2 of their products per day on my tumblr for a month i think :p and they gave me a 40dlls gift card so i can pick whatever i want from their site, and you can think ''oh that is not too much'' but WAIT... all of the stuff on the site is so CHEAP!!! and there is a lot of stuff so it was so hard for me to pick so finally i choose 3 things!

a pair of shoes and cute hair accessories! these are the things that i am going to show you ;)

im going to begin with the accessories , they were cute skeleton claws. They came come like this

on the product description say that they came on assorted colors so i was hoping that the colors were my fav ones like pink/purple/pastels....
yay! the first one was pink! so let's check the other one

Pink too!!! i was lucky :p i was very impressed  because the pink is not too bright  so they look so cute! the material looks so tough!! so they look not so cheap at all but they are just $1.50dlls! (and free shipping!)

do you want one? CLICK HERE!

im going to move to the next product and my favorite one! the shoes~

they are sooooooooo cool! im totally in love!

i let you here some important stuff that you need to know about the product:

Upper Material: PU 
Lining Material: Synthetic 
Weight: 0.8KG 
Heel Height Range: Flat(0-0.5") 
Heel Height: 1CM 
i saw them on the shop and i fall in love with them i was expecting that the price was so high because i already saw many of these kind of shoes in my country and they are like $39.99 dlls or more! but they were for just 
$17.85 seriously!!! for these shoes is just unbelievable

in the site they have a big conversion chart for the sizes so is going to be easy to find your size!

they are really good quality so let me show you some details!
in both sides they have a zipper with this cute skull~

and the rivets omg they look amazing!

 they fit perfectly i can't wait to use them outside!
(sorry i didn't put very well the shoelaces i was so excited!)

these shoes are available in White, leopard print like mine or totally black ! choose your fav ones HERE!

Thats everything that i got, the service was perfect they also give me a letter with a discount coupon!~

they make you more addicted to shopping online because if you sign up they give you a $50dlls coupon, you can get reward points too, like if you write a short review on the site they give you points too~

the site is located in china so you have to be patient while waiting for the products to arrive, my order was made 05/14/2014 and they came just a few moments ago~
but worth the wait, the products are spectacular, the prices reasonable and the quality is beautiful! i can say that the place is 100% safe!

i left here the link of the site if you are interested, and check their products:

i hope you guys like this review and see you later~

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