jueves, 7 de agosto de 2014

Review sponsored by Tappuri Fashion ♥

Hi everyone now i'm going to talk you about a new shopping place! the name is  Tappuri Fashion
this site contacted with me for sponsor one of their products, they sell asian fashion clothing! at first i was a little bit worried because i am plus sized and all the asian clothing brands came in very small sizes but i said ok let's give a try! :p

i was very amazed all the clothing look so cute!! and i found something perfect for girls like me
this oversized cat shirt!
(it is already sold out)

so i placed my order the 03/07/2014 and arrived the 29/07/2014 the time is perfect because they deliver from China and i am from Mexico 


(Tappuri Fashion also provides you with a tracking number and free shipping on all products.)

 Product description:

Color: Yellow 
Fabric: Cotton 
Gross Weight: 360 Grams 
Size: Free Size 
Shoulder: 43 cm 
Length: 75 cm 
Sleeve Length: 57 cm 
Condition: 100% Brand New / Without Any Accessories

i totally fall in love, the material is so soft! no frayed sewing! and it fits perfectly!

in the description says that the color of the shirt is yellow but it looks more like a soft orange~

the shirt is very comfortable for me because is oversized and hide my big tummy LOL ♥
i really love the shirt!! (alredy i wore it 2 times)

 I would definitely buy from them in the future!! I really recommend them. And also they have free shipping in all of their products! Amazing right?

Reasonable prices, Free shipping, quality, what are you waiting!? go and check their products you are going to love them just click here♥

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