lunes, 18 de agosto de 2014

Royal Garden Meeting ♥

Hi everyone!~ this weekend was so busy for me i still tired!

i was waiting for my Soft cream JSK to arrive this last friday, the status of my order was on ''recived on destination'' since the 12 and they did not delivered it to my house i was worried because I would use it on Saturday!!~ i spoke to the postal service and they said that maybe they would send it to me on friday or MONDAY and i was like WHAAAAT?? i need it like NOW! ;3;
(I'm like the leader of my community and I would not have another coord available)

i went to the postal service and they give me my package finally!~ but at last our i lost my socks, my wrist cuffs and my dad did not want me to take me to the place so i was so worried ;3;~!
but at the end of the day everything was solved and everything went very well~

so we had the meeting with my lolita community, we were promoting the community in a Anime con, we give some info on posters around the place and we had a photoshoot~ 

this was my coord very simple~

 (i had some trouble with the wig i was slipping all the time!~)

the community ♥
i almost died because the heat was too hot, but i had a very good time ♥

my sis and me :3 she was wearing Kodona this time ♥

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