domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011


well... where i begin???.... at frist when i arrived to mexico city i meet some awsome people *-*
we stayed at the same hotel and spent the day together! I appreciate very much that i have met such wonderful people!

the same day that i get to Mexico City i received a message at 7 pm saying that the people were already lining up outside of the place of the concert, and already there was many people!
I was so shocked that i ran to tell everybody, we were unprepared but we leave the hotel!
it was very cold and i stayed in line for the concert, December 1 at 7 pm until 2 December to 10 in the morning, at 10 am the staff of the concert was giving some bracelets with numbers
number 26 not bad!!!!!!!!!! when i had the number I went back to the hotel for some rest, and come back 2 hours before the concert to rejoin at the line :D

I was very nervous ... The support band was called 10 years i only knew one song from them but they are not bad and I enjoyed it :3 but there was a guy behind me who kept insulting the band because he wanted to see dir en grey...this same guy tried to hit me with his elbow to take my place! I HATE HIM SO MUCH! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT THERE IS SO RUDE PEOPLE!!

at the end of 10 years I felt something in my hair, i thought that it was a role or even a gum! DX i was about to throw it! but I felt it and it was ...

when the dir en grey opening song i was much more nervous, my heart was beating too fast and could not believe that i would see the person that i most admire in the world! and then he appeared! i stayed in a total shock... i scream like never before!!!!!!! Kyo looks much better in person, he just looks perfect! and he was so close to me that even I can not believe it! here some pictures!

if i am happy with Dir en Grey?!
♥ More than that! it was an exciting night *-* mega spectacular show and in front of me OMFG KYO!!! * 3 *
hopefully they come back * u * I never forget anything of what I lived to see them, and there is nothing that describes it to perfection! it was a fantasy fulfilled, and I think that until now i have not assimilate everything I experienced!!
I can now say could die in peace but it would be a lie ... I love to watch Dir en Grey live again and again and again and again forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

many girls faint at the concert and I was about to be one of them ...but a girl who i did not know care about me throughout the concert and for Kyo i survived!

when they began to play Lotus, in the middle of the song Kyo leave the stage!! DDX I was scared I thought he would not return and that he had been mad!! but he was actually talking to the staff and was concerned that about 15 girls fainted >.<''

after that everything was perfect! kyo looked too happy! interacted with the audience! beckoning us! we started to jump in !!!!! never seen him act like that!

his dance was mesmerizing and perfect! and then they started to play THE FINAL!
I could not take it anymore i cried, and too much! i could not stand that someone as important to me were exposed in front of my eyes!!!

at a time i lift my arms and kyo saw my tattoos! and he pointed me out! I can not believe it!! he know's I exist! TOT Kyo spat water and it fell in my mouth! XD (indirect kiss!)XD

and at the final of the concert KYO SMILED TO US!!!!!! *------* THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SMILE THAT I'VE SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Toshiya, Shinya, and Kaoru die applaud us! TOT

die was carrying the flag of Mexico on his back was beautiful!!!
this is one of the videos that i film, 
excuse the poor quality of the audio but was recorded with cellphone~

and here they are all the things that i bougth!~

im so happy *--* i hope and they come back...
and hope to return soon! I want to relive that experience!


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