lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011


hey guys!!! :D how were your holidays? I hope and everyone had an enjoyable and amazing time~!

for me it was not very cute and i pass 3 ½ days in the hospital, I just got home ... nothing serious ^^

i remember these days that i just was thinking about reblog the dir en grey giveaway on tumblr LOL XDD but well...

did everyone got presents?!
 i got this from my aunt! i love it is so big~~ 
This scarf is a gift from my grandmother, she made it!! *-* and i love the colors~
and this make up set is from my eldest sister :D

i love my presents~ 

I did not get what I expected but it does not matter, what matters is that they took the time to remember me and buy something especially for my :DD and still love gifts so much!!! XD

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