miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

Losing Followers for Christmas :DD

well something like that! X'D i already lost 100 followers on tumblr because i am
spaming a dir en grey giveaway, they keep sending messages like STOP SPAMMING and things like that but... I DO NOT CARE IF A LOST ALL MY FOLLOWERS i really want to win that giveaway >.> Dir en grey is my fav band ever and one of the most important things in my life, so guys who makes you think that i care if they unfollow me >.>


and THANKS A LOT TO ALL WHO KEEP FOLLOWING ME AND SEND ME MESSAGES LIKE ''i hope and you win'', ''Good luck'' and more <3 that really means something for me~ because they understand that everyone have something that they love so much and do not get bothered, im not going to unfollow anyone because i like all the blogs that i follow ^^

they reblog giveaway things too and for that im not going to unfollow them everyone like free things XD

it's free Pictures, Images and Photos

and i want to say too... HAPPY HOLYDAYS EVERYONE!!!!!! i hope and you stay with your family and get a lot of presents!!! :P
i think that im not going to get presents from my family this year because i spend a lot of money in the dir en grey concert but i do not care that was my wish :DD

i already got a present~! *-* from a friend

these little ones Wish bear and bed time bear *-* it was a surprise i love them so much~ *-*

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  1. Oh man x.x I hate spammers like this too. A friend made a new acc because she was spamming her firt acc with giveaways too so she decited to make a new acc only for spamming with giveaways so she's not annoying other people. I think this is a nice idea.

  2. i think that im going to make that in a future but not by now because someone can think that i am trying to cheating with another tumblr account so im going to wait until this one ends :D and thank you that is a good idea! ^^